The Board


The board at V-sektionen consists of ten members from the section selected at the autumn term meeting. All board members have different responsibilities, and all are basically responsible for the respective committees. The board sits in a fiscal year for which V-sektionen means the calendar year.

The Board conducts with a hundred functionaries section’s activities through, for example study monitoring, sports activities, V-café and parties. We always work for all of our members best interest.

The Board exists for all of you, that means all students on the programs Civil Engineering, Fire Engineering, Surveying and Risk Management. We always want to hear what you think and feel about ourselves and the section’s activities. Maybe you and your friends great ideas of activities we should implement or suggestions on how the section would be even better. Our boardroom is located at the back of the V corridor to F: C after V supé, you are always welcome to meet and talk to us about anything! If we are not there you will find e-mails to each one of us here. We are very happy to suggestions for activities that you want us to implement!

Every week there are meetings, protocols of these are located on the notice board directly to the left of the V corridor. Information about what is happening on the section will you find easiest on our Facebook page, our website and in our weekly newsletter.

See you!

V-guild’s Board 2019 through
Chairman, Anna Ström

The board 2019


As President, I am leading the Board, which is the section's highest executive body. More specifically, this means that I summon the directors to the board meetings where discussion is held and decisions taken, regarding the activities we want the section to conduct. As President, I am also the section's face, which means that I represent the section in various different contexts. I do speeches at gasques and other events, and will keep a good relationship with LTH, TLTH, and Student and the other sections. I'm sitting in the V-house’s board and evacuation steering committee where my role is to represent the students in various issues concerning both the premises at KC and the rebuilding of the V building. V -sektionen is the largest, and probably the best section in TLTH and it is something I gladly point out when opportunities are available!

Anna Ström

Vice President

As Vice President, I shall be familiar with the President’s work and shall be able to replace him or her when the President cannot participate and assist the President in his work. I also keep in touch with our section friends LTU, President and KTH. I coordinate meetings with the program committees and BIIF at regular intervals and I also am their. In addition to this, I have some events such as Kräftskivan, V-dag and Storskiphtet to be responsible for. When someone on the board has a lot to do, I try to be a helping hand to them. In addition to this, I have the honor to be part of the Strategy Group and influence the future of the Section!

Alice Sörmon


As Treasurer I care for the section's economy. Ongoing work in which a large part is needed to pay bill , bill and manage accounts. Another major responsibility I have is to ensure that the budget is monitored. The section's largest revenue source is sponsorship from companies related to our education. The money we receive from the companies we are trying to dispose the board at its best and we always have members of the section in mind as we scale out our costs. In addition to the role of financial manager, I am also , together with the Chairman as a signatory of the section. This means that I get to sign a binding agreement for the section's behalf. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

Malin Wiik

Information manager

The Information Manager's primary task is to work with the committee Info-group in order to disseminate and manage information to all the section’s members. This includes sending weekly newsletter, updating the V-section's website and Facebook page. As information manager, I also have responsibility for what is published in the section's own newspaper Vetaren. The information manager also has a major role in PR - related tasks such as ordering overalls and textile-badges. Another interesting role for the information manager is to act as the keeper for the Board and at the section’s meetings. These protocols are then placed up on the section's bulletin and website to all members to take part of. For me to improve my skills, I sit with a group of the other sections information managers at TLTH. There we exchanged ideas and experiences between all sections of LTH for all of us to rise to new heights.

Melanie Deshayes

Head of Festivities

As Sexmästare I am responsible for over 20 students from the National Land Survey , Fire Protection and Civil Engineering. Together we organize social activities for members of the section, such as pubs and dinners. Our task is to create a good community on the section through our events and that everyone should feel welcome. Along with LTH’s other sexmästare we form a sexmästarunion, where we exchange ideas and knowledge to improve operations. Do not hesitate to contact me for ideas or other questions about Sexmästeriet and our activities. In the role as Vice President, I am in charge of the President's duties in his absence, but I also support him and act as a sounding board when needed.

Nils Göransson

Café Manager

As a Cafe Manager of the section, I take care of our student-run V-cafe. There you can find homemade cakes, tasty lunch sandwiches, an incredibly cozy atmosphere and of course always freshly brewed coffee! To my help, I have Cafémästeriet which consists of 5 supervisors and a treasurer. Everyone is welcome to take part of our business and the only thing needed to work is a good mood! Are you ready to work, you can only contact me or anyone else in Cafémästeriet. Everyone should feel involved and welcome in the cafe so do not hesitate to contact us as we try to fulfill your wishes! So come by, have a coffee and hang with other section members. See you in the cafe!

Emelie Urzander

Minister of Education

The Minister of Education has the primary responsibility to lead the Education Committee. Within the Education Committee there are Student Councils, Equal Opportunities Representatives, Safety Representative and World Masters. The task of the Education Committee is to supervise the education and organize study-related events. The Minister of Education also meet with other programs’ Heads of Study Councils at LTH, where we discuss and exchange tips and ideas. If you have any questions or ideas about your education, please contact me.

Märta Larsson

Head of Corporate Relations

As the Business Manager, my task is to promote contact between students and the business section. Using my industry group keeps me in touch with companies in the sector and offers various opportunities for cooperation that benefit both students and companies. If you are interested in appearing on the V- sektionen, just contact me and we will find a solution that fits. There are many different possibilities, everything from pure PR to company visits and lunch lectures. Another good way to appear and establish their brand is under section introduction weeks just after the summer, when about 250 new students begins on the V- section . There are many different ways to market themselves.

August Liljenberg

Head of Recreation

As the AKTU President, I lead the section's activity committee, in addition to me, consists of a Sporting Director, four Activated and a representative from the association BIIF and L -tek. Our task is to arrange different types of activities that we believe that Section members can appreciate, to create a good atmosphere, and promote cohesion in the section. We organize everything from everyday activities like volleyball/floorball evenings, to major events such as pubs together with Sexmästeriet, various tournaments and outings, etc. Together with the presidents of the other section’s, activity committees, we form Aktu-union, working to try to increase the unity of all sections. You are always welcome to contact us in AKTU if you are sitting on a fun activity or have any questions!

Anton Liljefors


As Head-Phøs it is my task together with phøset to plan and arrange nollningen for all new students on this section.Nollningen is for everyone and will help the new students to meet new people, make new contacts and take part of the sections’s spirit. We do this by selecting and putting together Phaddergrupper, create events where everyone can find something for them, and by making the first month here in Lund something to remember. The most important thing for us is that all students feel welcome at LTH and they get a good start on their studies. Do you have thoughts or questions regarding nollningen, feel free to contact us!

Edward Marks