Terms for V-Car

Terms of the V-Car

V-sektionen vid LTH
V-Board 2015-08-10


  • V car will only be used for the guild’s activities or by the members of the guild. If a specific case occurs, the V-car manager can decide to derogate from this rule.


  • All members of the guild may drive the V-Car provided that the member has a driving license and that the purpose is consistent with the rules.


  • Bookings are made through the V-guild’s website. There can be a maximum of two V-car reservations per student at a time in the booking system. A reservation could be a maximum of two days. Exceptions to this rule could for special cases be provided by the V-car manager.
  • Booking entered into the system must be approved by the V-car manager. You will receive an email once the booking is approved, or if it has been denied.
  • For reservations of V car we operate on a first come, first served basis.
  • On special occasions, the V-car could be rebooked by the V-car manager from private use to the business of the guild. This should in such cases be communicated to the V-car manager.
  • If the V-car manager is not contactable, members of the V-board has the right to make decisions on behalf of the V-car manager regarding reservations.


  • Cancellation can only be done at least 24 hours before the booked time. In special cases, exceptions to this rule could be made by V-car manager.
  • Have you failed to cancel your booking in time, you need to get in touch with the V-car manager and communicate this. In this case you are charged only the minimum billing cost of 100 SEK.
  • If you forget to cancel and to inform the V-car manager about this you will be charged 300 SEK.


  • There are two sets of keys to the V-car. You can collect the key collection in the safe outside the V-board at KC. The code to the safe will be announced by the V-car manager before your reservation starts.


  • The cost to run the V-car is 3.5 kr/km. The minimum charge amounts is 100 SEK.
  • The price also includes gasoline. If the V-car needs refueling refuel it, and leave the receipt in the cover on the driver’s seat. The amount you spend will be deducted on your invoice.
  • A reminder is sent out for unpaid invoices after 30 days, there will be a reminder fee of 50 SEK.
  • If the V-car is returned after the scheduled end time, you will be charged a late fee of 100 SEK.


  • The V-car should be treated carefully and responsibly. Rent a trailer if you need to load more than you can fit in the trunk. Remember not to load the trailer too heavily, both for the V-car and for your own sake. The law says that the trailer gross weight should not be more than the car’s curb weight (1300 kg).


  • The person standing as tenants in the reservation is responsible for the V-car until the keys are submitted and the V-car manager has approved the return. This applies regardless of who is driving the V-car.
  • V car is half-insured, it means that the insurance does not cover all types of injuries. If damage occurs when the V-car is used in the activities of the guild with normal care, the guild is responsible for paying the costs incurred. Illegal parking, speeding and violation of traffic law is considered as negligence. Such costs are set against the person who is under the reservation. If damage occurs when V car is used for private matters all the damages incurred will be paid by the tenant, whether the lessee is liable for any damage or not.

Accidents and injuries

  • If you have an accident or damage the V-car somehow this must be, no matter how small the injury is, immediately notified to the V-car manager. Similarly, if you discover an error on the V-car.
  • In an accident the accident report contained in the binder in the V-car should be completed on site. Do not take any blame for the accident, but leave it to the police to establish responsibility. Do not continue driving the V-car without approvement from the V-car manager. Contact information for the V-car manager could be found under “About the V-car”. If the V-car manager is not reachable, do not hesitate to call any member of the board, contact information can be found under ”the Board”.


  • A trip report shall always be filled in when the V-car has been used, this can be found in the cover in the passenger seat.
  • V car should always be returned in a clean condition.
  • If V-BiL is returned after the booked time, you will be charged 250 kr.


  • V-car manager manages the operations and determine how the V-car should be use. If you are dissatisfied with the V-car managers decisions they can be appealed to the V-board. In special cases, the V-car manager has the right to refuse a driver using the V-car if that person is considered to be inappropriate.