Student Concil Bi

Student Concil Bi

The Student Councils have the responsibility to take care of study supervision and make sure that there are representatives from each year. Some of the representatives in the Student Council also take part in meetings with Program Management, where they discuss and make decisions about the education. The purpose of the Student Council is to monitor the interest of the students in all aspects of the education. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Contact person

Josephine Gertson
Minister of Education

Maja Wilhelmsson
Studierådsordf. Bi

Current functionaries

Maja WilhelmssonBi17Student Council President Bi
Emma AnderssonBi15Student Concil Bi
Kim GenbergBi15Student Concil Bi
Joey ÖströmBi16Student Concil Bi
Linn SahlbergBi16Student Concil Bi
Oscar MårtenssonBi17Student Concil Bi
Anders OlssonRh17Student Concil Bi
Joel LangborgeRh17Student Concil Bi