The Phøs

The Phøs

The Phøs task is to plan the nollning with all its activities and festivities. The nollning is a wonderful introduction to the V-guild, and is ongoing during the first four weeks of the autumn semester. As a new student in the V-guild you will have the opportunity to participate in a lot of fun and meet us in the Phøs and other nollning-minded people, and we will do everything possible to create such a good introduction to student life in Lund as possible.

After we are elected in the autumn term meeting, we meet regularly and plan to create the nollning.Our work in the spring comprises a lot of training, both as we partake of and that we educate our wonderful phaddrar. This is because we want to be as prepared as possible before the autumn’s activities. In addition, we have a lot of fun along the way and become an incredibly well-connected gang.

During the actual nollning weeks, we arrange everything from sports activities, study nights, celebrations to parties and day events. As the crown of the work, everything ends with a magnificent Nollegasque!

Contact person

Isabelle Andersson

Current functionaries

Isabelle AnderssonØverphøs
Daniel PetterssonPhøsare
Gustaf OlaussonPhøsare
Anders HäggePhøsare
Tomas JönebrattPhøsare
Julia Larsson DürangoPhøsare
Sofia RågmarkPhøsare