Other Committees

Other Committees

In order for the V section to work, many different functionaries are required on a number of different items. Everyone is just as important! Below is a brief description of other committees and posts, for more information please contact the board.


The main task of the headmentor is to create good tuning in the phadder groups and welcome the new students in the best possible way! The headmentors are chosen by the phøs and are their right hands in front of and during the nollning..

The group of the future

The group of the future is available to help the board with the visionary work, and work for always having a long-term perspective in the section’s decision.

V-Car manager

The V section owns a car that is possible to rent for all section students. The leasing is managed by the section’s V-BiLs manager. The post also includes the best possible way of managing V-BiL and ensuring that it is in good condition for future generations V-er.


The songcanteurer conducts the songs during the sections’s parties.


The speaker is the chairman of the section at all the meetings.

The Facilities Committee

The Facilities Committee consists of an elf and a number of helpers. Their task is to ensure that the Vsection space is always in top condition! When a shelf needs to be screwed up or a table that needs to be repaired, it’s the facilities committee that pulls in with the toolbox in the highest stab.


The task of the accountants is to review the business and economics of the V-guild, and ensure that everything is right in terms of money management and accounting.

Election Committee

The nomination committee’s job is to propose suitable candidates for all posts for the autumn term meeting. They also help the board with by-elections when posts become vacant.