New in Lund

Your head will be full of a new city, hopefully an apartment, preparing your own meals and taking care of your own washing. Unfortunately that ain’t the half of what you will encounter during your first time here in Lund. You have just received between 60-120 new classmates as each one has a life story to tell, and as many want to know yours.

How does the year start?

In order to facilitate the later part we every year organize a nollning where we together can (and should) have fun and get to know each other. This will hopefully lead to new friends that you can both keep up and learn with. This first period may seem hectic but try to leave as much space as you can in your calendar for the nollning, you can get a lot from it!

What is nollning about?

Nollningen is all about you, newly admitted V-students, and will help to ensure a fun first time in Lund. We at V are arranging nollningen because we think it is incredibly fun, and we hope of course that it rubs off on all our new members!

How should I dress?

The absolute best clothing for nollningen is the ouverall. The ouverall will be possible to buy the very first day with us, so you should not go to your first nollning activity without it. The ouveralls are worn by all students at LTH and the color represents which program you read. With the ouveralls you do not have to think about what clothes you should wear because you do not need to be afraid to ruin your ordinary clothes. At first glance the ouverall look slightly hesitant, but you will learn to love the one like you never loved a garment before!

Who arrange nollning?

The chief responsible for planning and implementing nollningen is Phöset, you will understand who they are already on your first day. Then you will also get the chance to meet the Section Board, which is responsible for all activity of the section, and of course a lot of other officials and students of the section.

Are you newly accepted and want to learn more about what will happens during your particular nollning find it in this year’s Nollnings Guide here down below (Only avalable in swedish unfortunatley)