Academic life has a lot of difficult words. The following brief glossary covers only a fraction of these concepts, but we hope that this selection will help you in the student concepts jungle!

Academic quarter

A postponement of the time with 15 minutes was introduced in the age when students usually did not own a pocket watch. Instead they relied on the churchbells ringing every hour. Almost all students lived close to the Cathedral and when they heard that the clock rang it was time to go to school and still be able to make it in time to the lecture. After 18:00 applies double quarter. 18 therefore means 18:30 and so on. Would it be 18 (..) it means that the activity starts exactly 18:00. Exams begin, however, always dot. Complicated and troublesome...


See Exam


Annual job fair organized by TLTH


Various executive parts of the section. Some examples; Sexmästeriet doing festivities, Information Committee manages, among other things, the website, and general information and Cafémästeriet manages the café.


See Past

Card payment

Cash is king at LTH


The black gold and your way to exam


Those who are responsible for you being on a nudeldiet at the end of each month

Engineering hat

In swedish called Teknologmössa. A hat that students wears on special occasions, such as Nollegasque. The hat is white during the summer and navy during the winter, it has a tassel where knots are attached. The color of the knot indicates which program the student attends and the number of knots indicates the year of studying. The hat must not be used until the student has drinken out of it.


See Anxiety


a) a sit-sit.
b) a room in the student union building where you can have exam, parties or sit-sits.


LTH's oldest building which is now beeing used as a local for parties


A park in central Lund next to the cathedral where “Nollelördagen” during the introduction weeks takes place.


Associations that organizes pubs, brunches, clubs etc. and provides student housing.


A freshman who takes part in the introduction weeks and has not participated in the last cermony at Nollegasquen yet.


A freshman in Lund, you, in other words.

Novisch priority

Priority for the freshmens of AFB’s accomodations.


See Better


A person who answers all your questions about things concerning Lund, LTH and the V-Guild


Bussing someone on your bike


There are a total of 11 sections on LTH. These can include one or more programs and run entirely by students for students. You are a member of the V-guild (might be good to know)


Dinner in a student context. Sometimes with a theme and sometimes with fancy dress code


Wonderful dialect which you for practical reasons should learn


Shorter stage performance


Meeting place for all students at LTH. Here's a bookstore, study areas, computers, printers and lunch restaurant / cafe

SVL, Student counselling

You can turn to SVL if you have problems with your studies, need guidance or if you want to take any other courses.


The area outside the V building with space for barbecue and hanging. Former "Hagen"

The island Island

(Ön Øn) On the island Island in the lake Lake is nice kiosk that you can make beautiful by painting it blue.

The lake Lake

(Sjön Sjøn) A cavity between Math-building and E-buildning that is filled with something that some believes once was water, but most thinks that it is some kind of abyss liquid. In the lake Lake you can see the island Island (Ön Øn).

The Phøs

A group that arrange the nollning


The Student Union at Lund University, Faculty of Engineering.


The guilds own cafe, where you can buy a cup of coffee, sandwiches and snacks.