The Festivities Committee

The Festivities Committee

The role of the Festivities Committee is to create a good community within the V-guild through parties and other social activities. We like all kinds of festive events. Every year there are both big sessions and nice pubs where you can meet lovely people in our section.

The Festivities Committeey consists of 21 students , it’s easy to recognize the festive masters because we always work in kilt.

Being very active during the nollning creates a community and memories as members of our section are late to forget. During the nollning we work closely with the phos to create events that make the new students feel welcome to our guild and to link new contacts. During the rest of the year we will be in pubs along with other committees in the guild.

Contact person

Rikard Aho
Master of festivities

Agnes Dolff
Festive cashier

Current functionaries

Rikard AhoMaster of festivities
Ludvig KarmehedVice Master of festivities
Agnes DolffFestive cashier
Nils MarkgrenMaster of the pub
Hedda SkarsgårdBaak-fyllare
Klara BenyamineBaak-fyllare
Julia HägerströmChef
Milton ÅstedtVice Chef
Joel BrembergMaster of music
Ella SvenssonMaster of programs

Nuvarande funktionärer

Malva EliassonFestive worker
Sanna Källman GleisnerFestive worker
Sofia JohannessonFestive worker
Albin PålssonFestive worker
Emmy LarssonFestive worker
Alma Karlsson SköldqvistFestive worker
Lovisa FrankFestive worker
Ossian LarssonFestive worker
Albin ChristenssonFestive worker
Axel SvenssonFestive worker
Emil LönnFestive worker