Corporate Relations

Corporate Relations

The group of corporate relation’s primary task is to create meetings between students and the business community throughout the students’ study time at the V guild.

 We do this by inviting companies to cooperate with the section in different ways. We help to organize field trips, lunch lectures and case events and is thus the link between students and the business community. In addition to this we handle marketing and advertising of trainee positions etc.  During corporate events, we work together with organizing the event, both with the preparations and then during the actual event.

The group of corporate relations also includes an alumni network that organize meetings between with previous V-students and also create opportunities for current students at the school to meet with alumnus. Together with the V guild fraternal, Concretum, we operate a mentoring program where V-students get a mentor from the business community.

Contact person

Ebba Gipperth

Current functionaries

Anders HäggeBusiness Manager
Daniel Carlson BjernaldBusiness Manager VoV
Elin LiljaBusiness Manager L
Hampus JalgenBusiness Contact
Hilda StenssonBusiness Contact
Klara BenyamineBusiness Contact
Julia JohanssonBusiness Contact
Erik BolinBusiness Contact
Ella Svensson
Business Contact
Tomas JönebrattResponsible for Alumnus
Ebba GipperthResponsible for Alumnus
VakantResponsible for Alumnus
Donna TieuMentorship Coordinator
Klara SkalareMentorship Coordinator