Below you will find information about all our committees on the section

Recreation Committee

The activity committee has as main goals to create a unity within the section. We want to make it easy for the members of our sections to meet, socialize and create bonds with people while we’re not in school.

Even though we are newly created, we have still managed to organize some larger events. We have for example organized paintball together with other sections and worked together with the Festivities Committe to arrange pubs. We have also tried climbing, zumba, military training and made cards for Valentine’s day. We also have everyday activities like scheduled floorball and volley-ball evenings, as well as going out for a run together with sauna afterwards. We also organize the yearly multi-sport event ”Buffelhornet” together with the student union.

The following times applies to our weekly activities:
Tuesday – Floorball & volleyball 18.00-19.00 at Victoriastadion

Café Committee

Like many other cafés at LTH, our cafe is completely student-driven. Thanks to the ideal work of the members of the section we are able to keep open. During the weekends we open 09.00 and stay open until 15.15. In the range there is everything from coffee and fruit to tasty lunches and fresh salads. Of course there is always fresh coffee for a cheap money! During nollningen, the section’s various committees work in the café. Then you have the opportunity to chat with the different functionaries and hear about how it is to be activeted in the V-Guild. During the autumn term, each phadder group for each week is responsible for the cafe which is a perfect opportunity for you to start your career as a worker in the cafe! Everyone is welcome to try to work in the cafe, whether you love to bake buns or if you just want to leave the plug for a while!

Our committee, Café Committee, consists of 17 people where it is the chair of the Café Committee who has the main responsibility for the business. We also have a cashier who keeps track of everything that concerns our economy and two purchasing managers who handle purchases and deliveries. In addition, we have ten foreman who are responsible for opening and closing and working as a supervisor for those who work. Last but not least we have three boggarts, their main mission is to fix events such as brunches and theme days.

We think the best thing is to hang in V-café, come and try!

Public Relations Committee

The public relation committes primary role is to spread information to the sections members. The public relation committe spreads information through their social media such as facebook, instagram, their website and with their weakly mail. 
They also manages the sections merchandises such as overalls, patches, section sweaters, songbooks etc. If you would like to purchase any of these merchandise just contact the info manager. 
The public relation committe consist of a webmaster who handles the sections website, two art directors who produces graphic profiles and posters and three photographers who takes photos during the sections events. 

Corporate Relations

The group of corporate relation’s primary task is to create meetings between students and the business community throughout the students’ study time at the V guild.

 We do this by inviting companies to cooperate with the section in different ways. We help to organize field trips, lunch lectures and case events and is thus the link between students and the business community. In addition to this we handle marketing and advertising of trainee positions etc.  During corporate events, we work together with organizing the event, both with the preparations and then during the actual event.

The group of corporate relations also includes an alumni network that organize meetings between with previous V-students and also create opportunities for current students at the school to meet with alumnus. Together with the V guild fraternal, Concretum, we operate a mentoring program where V-students get a mentor from the business community.

The Phøs

The Phøs task is to plan the nollning with all its activities and festivities. The nollning is a wonderful introduction to the V-guild, and is ongoing during the first four weeks of the autumn semester. As a new student in the V-guild you will have the opportunity to participate in a lot of fun and meet us in the Phøs and other nollning-minded people, and we will do everything possible to create such a good introduction to student life in Lund as possible.

After we are elected in the autumn term meeting, we meet regularly and plan to create the nollning.Our work in the spring comprises a lot of training, both as we partake of and that we educate our wonderful phaddrar. This is because we want to be as prepared as possible before the autumn’s activities. In addition, we have a lot of fun along the way and become an incredibly well-connected gang.

During the actual nollning weeks, we arrange everything from sports activities, study nights, celebrations to parties and day events. As the crown of the work, everything ends with a magnificent Nollegasque!

The Festivities Committee

The role of the Festivities Committee is to create a good community within the V-guild through parties and other social activities. We like all kinds of festive events. Every year there are both big sessions and nice pubs where you can meet lovely people in our section.

The Festivities Committeey consists of 21 students , it’s easy to recognize the festive masters because we always work in kilt.

Being very active during the nollning creates a community and memories as members of our section are late to forget. During the nollning we work closely with the phos to create events that make the new students feel welcome to our guild and to link new contacts. During the rest of the year we will be in pubs along with other committees in the guild.

Dining Committee

The Dining Committee plans, is responsible and attends at events during finer events. The Dining Committee consists of a dining master and 5 food lovers

The Facilities Committee

The Facilities Committee consists of an elf and a number of helpers. Their task is to ensure that the Vsection space is always in top condition! When a shelf needs to be screwed up or a table that needs to be repaired, it’s the facilities committee that pulls in with the toolbox in the highest stab.


V-arité is an entertainmentcommittee within the V-Guild. We strive to spread joy and good vibes within the guild. In order to do so we perform at events, we arrange and direct Sittningar and we also organize the Guild’s participation in Sångarstriden.
V-arité was originally founded earlier in the 20th century but had to shut down for a while due to lack of commitment. It was then refounded in 2016. V-arité consists of one Spexmästare, six Spexare, two Sångcantuerer and one Sångarstridsansvarig. We’re a bunch of different personalities with unique sets of abilities and talents. Some of us can sing beautifully and dance like ballerinas and some just loves beeing on a stage. V-arité’s main objective is to make other people happy, because that makes us happy!

Student Concil for VoV, L and Bi

The Student Councils have the responsibility to take care of study supervision and make sure that there are representatives from each year. Some of the representatives in the Student Council also take part in meetings with Program Management, where they discuss and make decisions about the education. The purpose of the Student Council is to monitor the interest of the students in all aspects of the education. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Others in the Education Committee

Within the Education Committee there are, except the Student Councils, Equal Opportunities Representatives, Safety Representative and World Masters. The Equal Opportunities Representatives and the Safety Representative are responsible for the environment at school, both physical and mental. The World Masters’ task is to help the exchange students, both those who arrive and those who depart. If you have any questions or something you want to talk about, please contact us!