Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering program

Year 1

Engineering Geology
Calculus in One Variable
Engineering Skills with CAD
Thermodynamics with Applications

Building Materials

Linear Algebra

Building Technology and Building Services

Mechanics, Basic Course









Year 2

Calculus in Several Variables
Managerial Economics, Basic Course
Environmental Science, Especially Environmental Chemistry
Structural Mechanics

Scientific Computing

The Construction Process

Structural Engineering, Basic Course


Water and Wastewater Technology









Year 3

Geodetic Surveying
Road Construction
Soil Mechanics
Mathematical Statistics, Basic Course
Traffic Engineering
Elective Mandatory Courses (4 is chosen)

Engineering Modelling: Analysis of Structures

Project Management


Building Material Science

Structural Engineering – Building Systems

Sound in Building and Environment

Sustainable Urban Design

Rock Mechanics and Construction


Year 4 - 5

Studying abroad
Elective courses
Master thesis
Elective specializations

Infrastructure Engineering

Construction Management

Building Technology

Structural Analysis and Design

Road and Traffic Engineering

Water Resources