Café Committee

Café Committee

Like many other cafés at LTH, our cafe is completely student-driven. Thanks to the ideal work of the members of the section we are able to keep open. During the weekends we open 09.00 and stay open until 15.15. In the range there is everything from coffee and fruit to tasty lunches and fresh salads. Of course there is always fresh coffee for a cheap money! During nollningen, the section's various committees work in the café. Then you have the opportunity to chat with the different functionaries and hear about how it is to be activeted in the V-Guild. During the autumn term, each phadder group for each week is responsible for the cafe which is a perfect opportunity for you to start your career as a worker in the cafe! Everyone is welcome to try to work in the cafe, whether you love to bake buns or if you just want to leave the plug for a while!

Our committee, Café Committee, consists of 17 people where it is the chair of the Café Committee who has the main responsibility for the business. We also have a cashier who keeps track of everything that concerns our economy and two purchasing managers who handle purchases and deliveries. In addition, we have ten foreman who are responsible for opening and closing and working as a supervisor for those who work. Last but not least we have three boggarts, their main mission is to fix events such as brunches and theme days.

We think the best thing is to hang in V-café, come and try!

Contact person

Ellen Karlström
Chair of the Café Committee

Current functionaries

Ellen KarlströmPresident
Emma Theorin JohanssonCashier
Josefin ThoressonPurchasing manager
Nelly ViebkePurchasing manager
Lina HolmqvistForeman of the Café
Nikolina FranjulForeman of the Café
Adam RosellForeman of the Café
Jimi WellsForeman of the Café
Markus RembringForeman of the Café
Hanna NilssonForeman of the Café
Vendela BjörkmanForeman of the Café
Emma SandinForeman of the Café
Tristan UhnoForeman of the Café
Alice PeterssonForeman of the Café
Cassandra DoggettBoggart of the Café
Philip CarlssonBoggart of the Café
Rebecka KnutssonBoggart of the Café