Book a time in V-Café


Info about booking

If you are fond of working a shift in the café, you can book a time that suits you in the booking calendar below. The morning shift lasts between 8.30 and 12.15 and afternoon shift is 12.15 to 15.15. A help list is available at the bottom of the page.

Why should you book a shift?

Free lunch and coffee / tea are included for those who work in the cafe during the day. The morning workers will also have a breakfast sandwich and afternoon workers will have a snack. As a bonus, at the end of the semester, a thank you event will be arranged for those who worked two shifts or more during the term! So who could say no to this ?!

What would you like to do today? 🙂

Here below you can see who is working in the café this week/day. Please note that this calendar is updated manually, so it may take a while before your name appears here

[ai1ec view="weekly"]

Booking calendar for working in V-Café

Below you can see which shifts that are available to book, the shifts are available 4 weeks ahead and are updated weekly. If you do not understand the calendar, check if you find your answer below in the help tabs. If you don't, just contact and all your problems will be solved!

NOTE! If you need to cancel a shift, contact Webmaster at

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In the calendar, the shifts that are available are marked with the guild’s color.

To choose a day, click the box corresponding to that day and choose which of the times you want to work on, either below the calendar or in the “Start time” box to the right of the calendar.

Then fill in your contact information and click on “Book Now”.

If there is no shifts to book, it is likely that all shifts are already booked.

We make a shift available 4 weeks in advance. If the time you want is later you’ll have to wait a bit and it will be available soon.