About V-Guild

V-guild was founded in 1964 as the fourth guild at the Faculty of Engineering at Lund University. We are a nonprofit organization available to our members that are studying Civil Engineering, Surveying and Land Management Engineering, Fire Engineering and Risk Management.

Each year we admit about 100 students of Civil Engineering, 60 students to the Surveying and Land Management Engineering and 60 students to Fire Engineering. That makes us the largest guild at the Faculty of Engineering, something we are very proud of!

The purpose of the V-guild is to labour for all members to get such a good study time as possible. The guild creates a community and takes advantages of its members’ common interests. We do this by conducting surveillance of studies, organizing parties and pubs, sports activities, having good contact with the business community, running a cafe and much more.

Every autumn a new board of directors and other officers are elected. All members of V-guild are welcome to get involved. All involvement is voluntary and above all very very funny! Below is a map of how the guilds function is built.

V-guild through Chairman/President
Thomas Forsberg

Our Committees

Recreation Committee

The activity committee has as main goals to create a unity within the section. We want to make it easy for the members of our sections to meet, socialize and create bonds with people while we’re not in school.

Café Committee

Like many other cafés at LTH, our cafe is completely student-driven. Thanks to the ideal work of the members of the section we are able to keep open. We think the best thing is to hang in V-café, come and try!

Public Relations Committee

The Public Relations Committee is responsible for ensuring that members of the section receive information about what is happening in the section and maintenance of the website.

Corporate Relations

The group of corporate relation’s primary task is to create meetings between students and the business community throughout the students' study time at the V guild.

The Phøs

The Phøs task is to plan the nollning with all its activities and festivities. The nollning is a wonderful introduction to the V-guild, and is ongoing during the first four weeks of the autumn semester.

The Festivities Committee

The role of The Festivities Committee is to create a good community within the V section through parties and other social activities. We like all kinds of festive events.

Education Committee

The Education Committee have ,among others, the responsibility to take care of study supervision and make sure that there are representatives from each year

Dining Committee

The Dining Committee is responsible and attending events during finer events. Dining Committee consists of a dining master and 5 food experts


V-arité is an entertainment committee whose task is to spread joy and good atmosphere within the V-guild. We do this through spex and other performances.

The Facilities Committee

The Facilities Committee consists of an elf and a number of helpers. Their task is to ensure that the V-section space is always in top condition!

Gadget Committee

The task of the Gadget Committee is to handle bookings of the V guild's gadgets such as pool tables, speakers and cars, etc. The Gadget Committee also handles the V-guilds banner and the archive.