About V-Café


About V-Café

We at the V-guild are proud to have such a nice cafe as we have received in the new V-house. Our goal is to serve drinks, lunch and snacks at a price that everyone can afford. Do you have anything that you want us to change or add to the Café? Feel free to add a piece of paper to our ideabox next to the coffee and we will see what we can do about it!

Opening hours

Monday-friday: 9-15
Closed weekends and red days


Breakfast sandwich

Why not enjoy a nice breakfast sandwich for the morning coffee? We always make fresh sandwiches in the morning before 9 o'clock and the range consists of ham or cheese with various vegetables on.

Price: 5kr*

Lunch sandwich

Our lunch sandwiches are savery and will make you satisfied. The sandwiches are made daily and the content varies from day to day. The sandwiches can contain: Chicken mix & Bacon, Chicken mix & Curry, Chévre & Honey, Salami & Brie, etc.

Price: 30kr*


Even our salads are made daily and they are also available as vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free and lactose-free. Our standard salad consists of salad of course but also chicken and pasta. Accessories such as sauces and croutons are included.

Price: 40kr*

Coffee / Tea

In the guild's dictionary you will find: "The black gold and your way to the exam" and that's exactly what coffee is. Our goal is to always serve coffee and tea to anyone who wants to enjoy it.

Price: 5kr with your own cup, else 7kr*

The V-guild cup can be purchased for 40kr in the café


We have a wide range of snacks to raise your blood sugar to the peaks. Here you will find everything from ordinary chocolate to varieties like Bounty and Snickers etc.

Price: Varying


In addition to coffee, we also have other cold drinks such as soft drinks, energy drinks and bubbles.

Price: Varying

*With reservation that the prices temporarily aren’t corresponding with the prices of the products in the cafe …